Win a Signed Copy of Top Dog!

Lucca and I are signing our books, and you could win one!

I’ve been spending this afternoon at my dining room table signing copies of Top Dog to send to my publisher for its various giveaways and events. As you can see, Mama Lucca, the hero Marine dog who’s the star of the book, has been lending a paw to the effort, via a rubber paw stamp created by her actual inked paw.

Would you like a chance to win a signed book? If so, leave a comment below about what you think of this expressive, three-legged specialized search dog. We’ll narrow the entries to our favorites, and then do a random drawing from among those next Monday. We’ll be in touch with the three winners to get mailing addresses. I’m not sure if my publisher will send them out then or after the Oct. 23 publication date, but either way, winners will have theirs by the end of the month. (Because we used to get so much spam, we now have to approve comments before they’re published. It could take up to a few hours to get to some, but all legit entries will be approved.)

If you don’t know much about Lucca, you can learn a little more about her on this site or by reading the recent Parade magazine book excerpt about her. Good luck!

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  1. The picture of Lucca that inspires me most is one of her with a ball in her mouth. It shows that no matter the trauma caused to a dog it fights on and on, disability or pain will never falter their unbelievable loyalty and devotion. Stories of K9s like Lucca have been making me a better person and made me want to change my military career to get involved with dogs. My German Shepherd named Barqs is my universe but he is no Military dog but I do know his devotion to me would be no different then Lucca! Can not wait for the book, signed by you and Lucca or not I will be adding it to my collection and loosing myself in the story!

  2. Lucca is such an amazing dog. From serving with honor and protecting her handlers to overcoming all odds. Great inspiration to dogs and humans!
    Cannot wait to read this book. If anything as exciting and captivating as soldier dogs, I’ll be hooked instantly.

  3. Haven’t yet read or researched anything about Her yet , but I will be doing so soon . I am well informed about our War Dog’s of past years , have many friends that were Vietnam Era Dog Handlers and Knew Major William W Putney as a friend quite well . Jesse Mendez is also a well respected close friend . He is presently working on putting another Military K-9 Monument Pedestal together to add to the K-9 monument that is at Fort Benning , Georgia . I will be seeking donations to help Jesse get it paid for . Richard C Snow ; founder of ; Georgia War Dog Memorial Fund …

  4. I already preordered regular one but if lucky enough to win autographed one, I would donate the preordered one to my local library.

  5. Hi,i can’t tell you what i think of you’re four legged friend because I haven’t read the book yet,allthough I have read previews about his escapades and on how brave he is.I am just mad about GSDs and all they stand for.I think they are amazing animals and just can’t gat enough of them.I have rescued three in the last 24 years and love how loyal they are and what a brilliant job they do in the services or Military.Iwould love you’re book and was going to ask my Sister to buy me it for Xmas.

  6. love Lucca and love the cover picture. Have become a MWD supporter. And CWDs as well. Want to adopt either one. Can not wait to read the book.

  7. She’s a paw-some dog and very much an inspiration!!! The loyalty and especially love of a dog is something that should never be taken for granted and can make the difference between a bad day and great day!

  8. i think that Lucca is absolutely PAWESOME! I love her story of dedication, loyalty, bravery, survival, and inspiration. Being a military spouse, I have the greatest respect, admiration, and gratitude for all of our canine warriors, but Lucca touches my heart in a special way. Thank you Lucca, for your service, in the field as well as stateside, as you encourage, inspire, and lift the spirits of your fellow military members.

  9. She stands for what this country is. She’s brave, heroic, and selfless. If people were half as selfish as she is half the issue that exist today wouldn’t be here. She reminds me of a shepherd I had growing up, they will and do do anything and everything they can to serve those who serve them.

  10. Lucca is an inspiration for us all. She is a wonderful example of enjoying what you have and where you are. A lesson most of us could use.

  11. Military working dogs such as Lucca are the unsung animal heroes for many of our human military heroes. Thank you for your service!! And, from this Marine, Semper Fi!

  12. I did read the Parade article and I’ve read your last book. The story in Parade made me tear up. What our remarkable soldiers and their dogs have done has been amazing. They truly are our best and I love seeing them all get some recognition. Please keep on telling their stories.

  13. Can’t wait to read about Lucca. Would love to share this with my retired Marine father. Truly admire the bravery displayed by these remarkable dogs and their handlers. Hope Lucca enjoys a long retirement.

  14. I think Lucca is the embodiment of the Warrior spirit. From her patrols during which not one of our troops were injured to her recovery after being hit by an IED, Lucca stood tall and strong. If only her “old soul” eyes could tell us her stories. Thank you for writing the book about Lucca. I love that dog!

  15. I wold love to read this and keep it on the shelf right next to “In Dogs We Trust”. Two books by/about two of the best dogs ever.

  16. ” I am a MWD and MWH follower”. My son is at Fort Bragg as a handler and you know what they say ” You are who you hang with”. They are the best Soldiers/Dogs of the US Army.

  17. My rescue girl Harley says Lucca inspires her to be a better dog. She likes to have goals- so I figured that was a pretty
    pawtastic one to have.

  18. I can’t wait to read this inspirational book the story is one of resilience and unconditional loyalty I hope to see it rise to theropod of the best selling charts

  19. I work in a veterinary hospital and we have seen quite a few police dogs. Lucca’s article in the Parade magazine shows a very loyal and special dog. The bond between police and their canine partners is quite unique, always there for each other no matter what. I’m really looking forward to reading the book. It would be an honor to have a signed copy, the doctors and staff I work with would enjoy seeing it too.

  20. The more I learn about Lucca, the more I want to read this book. If I don’t win, I will certainly buy a copy anyway, because your work in Soldier Dogs was exemplary. I LOVED that book!

  21. I have followed Lucca since she was able to rejoin Chris and his family.She is a beautiful and courageous dog. I have been anxiously awaiting her book, “Top Dog,” to come out. I have asked for it for Christmas this year, but if I could win a signed copy that would truly be a wonderful gift!

  22. Lucca embodies the true meaning of a hero and she serves as a role model for all. She is a perfect example of a warrior and with her courage, strength and determination, she is an inspiration to others. She is not handicapped, she’s handicapable.

  23. Lucca:
    In spite of the danger of her missions, she never hesitated to give all.
    In spite of having only three legs left, she always stands tall.
    A regal creature from nose to tail
    Just don’t touch her Kong and you’ll get along well!

  24. I am so inspired by our service and working dogs. Their devotion and selfless acts of courage touch my heart. Lucca is a treasure and a hero! I teach disabled people or teams how to train their own service dogs, and I love recommending a good book to our students! I would love to read and share your story! Thank you for all you do!

  25. Mama Lucca is everyone’s dog because she represents the Courage and Service of all the Men, Women and Dogs who served our country. When I read about Mama Lucca with my 87 year Mother, we were in tears. Lucca is an exceptional dog and her story needs to be told so no one will ever forget those who served and their tremendous bravery. Lucca’s story goes beyond the war, it’s about her recovery and all the Veterans who have come home to start new lives. Lucca’s soulful eyes and inner spirit have touched all our lives. I thank you Lucca, for giving me hope. After my dachshunds, Gretie and Heidi,passed away, I thought I will never get another dog but Lucca brings new hope. I thank you Mama Lucca, I hope they will make a film about you. No one will ever forget you! I also hope you will share your DNA so the world will always have your amazing spirit. I love you, too!

  26. I don’t know much about Lucca other than that she is a brave, beautiful hero who served our country well. I would love to get a copy of this book to send to my nephew for his birthday next month. He is stationed in Okinawa & just graduated from the military K9 handler program. He will be assigned his own dog very soon. I’m sure he would enjoy this book. Thank you for your service Lucca!

  27. The very first picture that I saw of Lucca I did not even realize that she was missing her front left wasn’t until I was reading comments from other posters that I found out. She has an amazing presence about her!

  28. Lucca has such an inspirational story. The relationship between dog and soldier is one that can’t be broken. I would love to be able to share Lucca’s story with the group of soldiers I send care packages too. Can’t wait to read more about your story. Lucca is one of my favorite four-legged Heroes.

  29. We sleep safe at night because of Lucca’s and handlers fearless devotion and loyalness. Their bond is evident and my family is forever indebted to them for securing our future of freedom! K9 Leads The Way!

  30. Having adored your work in “Soldier Dogs”, I know you have done justice to this MWD’s story. I used your “Soldier Dogs” to learn about my NAVY son’s job. By the way, thank you so much for the education & entertainment. I look forward to learning more about this hero dog.

  31. I never miss an opportunity to thank our 4 legged and 2 legged military hero’s no matter where I am. I now can say that I have had an opportunity to thank a 3 legged hero. Thank you both for your continued service to our country.

  32. this girl is PAW-MAZING! What a true hero!! I would be honored to receive a pawtographed edition of her story and would cherish and treasure it. It just shows how much she and others like her contribute to all of us.

  33. My husband just tried finding this book at the bookstore this past weekend, only to find out it has not been released yet. My son which is in the air force as a k-9 officer getting ready to be deployed, mentioned it to him. Not sure if he has read it on his iPad or just the reviews. My husband is patiently waiting for it to come out. I can’t wait to read it as well. My son has expressed how working with the dogs brings the dog and soldier so close that there is a different feeling when they are apart.

  34. Lucca K458 is the epitome of everything that is right about our country. Our values, beliefs, our sense of right. None of this overshadows the bond of warriors and their devotion and love for each other. She will guard the gates of Valhalla for us. Semper Fi

  35. From left behind in Vietnam to finally being recognized as soldiers rather than equipment, Lucca’s story thankfully epitomizes today’s perspective on MWD’s and brings the story home to the American public. Not only is she a true hero but she has deservedly been treated as one, from the care given to her on the battlefield to being honored in the Rose Parade. The Oaktown Pack, which includes five rescued tripawd GSDs, has been following Lucca’s inspawrational story with overwhelming pride and howls of glee. Lucca sets a shining example for three-legged dogs everywhere! We love you Lucca–you embody the spirit of our motto….Woohoo! Tripawds Rule!!

  36. Our volunteer group collected, made and purchased 200 lbs. of goods for the MWD team last holiday season. It felt so wonderful to bring a some cheer to these amazing dogs & handlers. One generous boss covered the costs to ship it all overseas!

    I love to read and dogs. I have a special place in my heart for shepherds and look forward reading Lucca’s story!

  37. Lucca is an amazing and beautiful heroine!! I enjoy keeping up with her and her exploits. Even though she’s retired, she and her dad still give back. I’ve followed her and her story for awhile now and she truely is inspirational! Love you, Lucca K458!!!

  38. These are some wonderful comments! Poems and everything! Y’all are going to make paring this down very, very hard!

  39. Lucca is an inspiration to us all, live life to its fullest! I look forward to reading her story when the book comes out!

  40. Her heart and soul is what is drawn to me. I would venture to say that is what is drawn by all of us.
    Always faithful, never demanding and always giving. These wonderful animals will gladly give all of themselves to save, rescue and protect those in her pack.
    Even though she lost a leg it is insignificant to her. She carries on and does what she has done since birth; enjoyed life, taken nothing for granted and strives to be better every day of her life.
    A soul that shines brighter than the sun and yet we only catch a glimpse of the light. For a lucky few who are honored to be captured in that moment when they connect with their souls is truly a blessing.
    For some of these guardians their time on Earth is fleeting. For some the time spent with is is ever lasting and a lesson in pride and integrity.
    Never take them for granted. Always give to them knowing that what you receive is greater than you could imagine.
    Love them as they love you. these guardians of their caregivers.

  41. G’day Lass
    I have spoken to you a couple of times on facebook! I would dearly like to get one of these books to go beside “Soldier Dogs” on my book shelf. Would be fantastic to have the only signed copy of this book in Tasmania!!
    Troy and Dora “The Maligator” and Bonnie our 6 month GSD!!!

  42. An inspiration and an heartwarming story, that of Lucca.I’ve read alot about this dog,and indeed she’s one of a kind. But there are many like her our there. I am happy to know that she retired and she’s in good care and loved. In a way, her story is going to help to change the perception of MWD as true warriors and soldiers and possibly lead to modify their status in the Armed Forces.

  43. Great inspiration to dogs and humans!
    I hope to have the only signed book in Belgium.
    Greetings from belgium and my three large dogs (Zenna – Clhoe and Youki).

  44. what an amazing dog to have served n saved other solders in the line of duty, and continuing on to this day by visiting wounded service men to give them the inspiration to continue their rehab you have to take your hat of to Mamma Lucca Amazing, inspirational, hero Dog

  45. I am very impressed of what you and your country, are willing to do, to save a MWD, and I have the deepest respect for that.
    I wouldt love to have a “signed” book, to read.
    I am a MWD K9 handler in the Royal Danish Airforce, and was in Afghanistan along with my MWD 201 Viktor in 2007, so I know all about BIG feelings and worries for a dog.
    201 Viktor passed away on this 17 of July in our garden, almost 11 years old. Still an active MWD, till the very last day.
    Respect, honor, loyalty…

  46. i have total respect for our war heroes two legged and our four legged warriors,
    You all keep us safe and we live free because of you I would love to have this book!
    God bless you all .

  47. As a mal owner I know what sort of an inspiration these dogs can be, then comes Lucca! Such a inspirational story from what I’ve heard would love to read and own this book!

  48. It never ceases to amaze me how our K9’s bond with their handlers. The unconditional love and trust that they exude along with the desire to work and please u, regardless of their own personal cost, is astounding. We recently ad to lay to rest our own S&R, Narc

    • Sorry… phone skipped…

      Dog Aike and somehow appears that her personality has transferred into our rookie Blitz. He has that same “Okay, what do you want me to do next” look in his eyes that Aike alwaus had. But thats the thing about our dogs… It’s always a competition between “who loves who the most.” Most of the time they win… PAWS DOWN !!!!!

  49. I have a friend who is in security in Iraq and uses the EDD dogs…i also love German Sheperds..used to raise and rescue them..Lucca seems like a well ajusted dog after serving her country and being injured doing so!! i won a bookmark and am so proud…would love a copy of the book…and for an extra having to move and am so broke i cant afford 1 right now!! i respect and admire what our soldier dogs do!!! thank you Lucca…a real hero!

  50. Lucca’s leg isn’t missing. It’s on the biggest bestest softest couch in heaven, saving her seat. And I hope that she will keep it waiting for many, many years. Because, although her teachings are basic and clear, it takes a long time for most of us to truly absorb them. We have so much to learn from Lucca.

  51. Lucca is an inspiration to anyone who hears her story. I can’t wait to read the details in this book. To me Lucca is living proof of the bond between man and dog. She proves that all dogs can be heroes and they are so much more than a family pet.

  52. I fostered and later adopted a MWD from Lackland AFB (Bbadger) who gave us immense joy. She was so eager to please and obey us. She wanted to have a job all the time and when she wasn’t helping us “work”, she was so loving and protective toward us. We lost her a few months ago to a spontaneous blood clot in her brain. She began exhibiting vestibular problems. It was heartbreaking but even when she couldn’t walk straight and she was frightened, she still struggled to obey ours or the vet’s commands to come to us. Her spirit never wavered, and it’s that spirit that I know will be with us forever. I can see the same spirit in Lucca’s face. A spirit to serve, protect and love. Is there any greater spirit than that?

  53. I have two book on my shelf both have my brother and Hero in them. Khe Sahn siege in the clouds and the Easter Offensive. I would be honored to bool your book in this special place. I am a 100% DAV who is spending the rest of her life placing and training PTSD service dogs with Veterans. Love Momma Luca

  54. I just want to say that I am anxiously awaiting the release of “Top Dog” so I can become absorbed in Lucca’s story as I read it. I am currently reading “Soldier Dogs” (Kindle edition) and am greatly impressed by it. As a Vietnam vet still working thru some of the ‘issues’ from that experience, I find that I often am reading while simultaneously stoking the fur of my German Shepard, Bella. Merely her presence has a calming effect upon me. She is a rescued pup and not a MWD, so we are somewhat saving each other. I noted that I myself had found that just like you wrote about comparing your own Jake to the traits of the dogs used as MWDs, I did the same wondering if she might possess the same traits. I think many pet owners likely do the same. I would cherish having an pawtograghed edition to my library. In fact, yesterday I even posted to my Facebook page about about your book coming out (yes, I’ve very excited for it’s release!) and I even posted a pic from your FB page of Lucca’s paw prints on the beach so as my Navy buddies can be aware it too. Thank you, Maria, for your wonderful and informative stories that should have come out way before this. And your efforts and blogs are making an impact all over this country and beyond.

    • Dave, I am touched by how much Soldier Dogs resonates with you and your dog, and by your story in general. So glad you and Bella have found each other. Thank you for your support, and for your service to this country. I bet Bella does possess some good MWD traits, but that she’smuch happier being your couch potato. :) Pls give her a hug from me.

  55. Really hate to be a name dropper but Kris Knight trained two of my Dobermans and he does absolutely phenomenal work!(Who would know that better than you?) I have so admired all he and others have done with the training of military dogs and the risks they all take to keep us safe. Awesome the dogs and handlers are finally being recognized. I loved Soldier Dogs! What a great accounting of what they do, though very sad to lose a comrade!
    Keep up the great work!

  56. Looking forward to this book. I rushed right out when Lucca was in the Nat. Geo. magazine and purchased a copy. These K-9 soldiers are great. I hope Lucca can be seen on Ellen and Letterman.
    Great job Mama Lucca!

  57. I am the wife of an Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan and Kuwait. My husband and I are also parents to our awesome Grman Shepherd Maxine. Our hearts are so full of pride and amazement for Lucca and all the Soldier Canies. There is no comparison to the beavery, power, and intelligence. To know the love and dedication of our girl and combine that with the skills the military dog has is beyond comparison as the perfect fighting companion. You know beyond a doubt they have your back. God blessed us with this beautiful creature on the inside and out!

  58. I love a working dog, and working GSD’s are my favorites. We have two as family members now, and there is no other breed that combines the willingness, intelligence and loyalty like a German Shepherd dog.
    We also have two active duty sons with many, many tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Dogs like Momma Lucca are a priceless partner to have!
    This book is on my wish list for Christmas.

  59. Lucca is the epitome of valor – courage in the face of danger! She has the heart of a warrior, devoted to those she seeks to protect. I have so admired Lucca since I first read about the day she was almost killed by an IED explosion while leading Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan. I can hardly wait for the book so I can read her entire story. If I win a signed book, although I would so love to keep it, I will donate it to a wounded warrior at Walter Reed or another facility serving our veterans.

  60. I’ve been following Luccas story on Facebook and was thrilled to hear about the book! The article in Parade was wonderful. I think it was informative for those who are not aware of the sacrifices these wonderful dogs make. The strong bonds they form with their handlers and the comfort they bring to the other soldiers. Lucca is a hero in my book, along with everyone who has ever served!

  61. Love Luca. Love all Lucca has done and what all soldier dogs do. Love dogs that help soldiers after their service also.
    this was all written by my tripod Willow – Rottweiler friend of all dogs

  62. I love breed of dogs which have so close to wolf. Their eyes can show you what people can’t express any words. Even if Lucca and her eyes told me how strong feelings feel to her close family and proof this is confirmed by her deeds. Her loyalty,devotion and strong bond to the beloved is really Indispensable. Award TOP DOG is justly. Even the little that I could read about Lucca is a sad but really valiant. Her story make me cry and I admire you Lucca. I think even if she has just three legs her world view has not changed. Everyone who know the story of Lucca would like a dog like her. Mama Lucca even if I don’t know you personally you found a place in my heart. <3

  63. miz lucca, I first learned about you through another Alabama lady, your auntie Phyllis. i’m pretty sure that, apart from your Humans, she’s your #1 fan….

    thank you for your service, beautiful girl; you honor your mission with your sacrifice and the work you continue to do is an inspiration to us all, soldier and civilian, two and four-legged. bless you and yours, lucca.

  64. I only know about Lucca by the pictures shared on Soldier Dogs on Facebook. She is a beautiful dog and she always looks happy in the pictures I’ve seen.

  65. Read the cover story of Lucca in the Parade insert of our local news paper . What a true hero he is . He saved 14 men from fro an IED .What a great story ,Would like to learn more about this hero who won a Purple Heart.

  66. My husband is a K9 trainer and handler. Recently our K9 Ranger who is a dual purpose dog was hit by a car. He has 2 broken legs (a rear ankle and a front elbow on opposite sides) at the moment but we are afraid of the possibility that he may loose at least one of them. When I saw the information about this book I felt it would be such a wonderful inspiration to our family. Ranger is a very active K9 so it has made it recovery difficult at times because he wants to be on the go and not stuck at the house.

  67. I kept the Parade because I wanted to read it. I got to it today and I didn’t even notice Lucca only had 3 legs. What a remarkable dog. I can’t wait for the book to come out. Thank you to ALL out military two legged or four, your dedication to the US and our freedom is so . . . I can’t even think of words good enough except to say THANK YOU.

  68. K9 has a special place in my heart being the father of K9 handler deployed at this time in the USAF. My son informed me of Lucca’s story and I can’t seem to get enough of this wonderful K9 veteran. God Bless and thank you.

  69. Not all angels have wings, this one has a tail !!!. SO proud oh her and how she protests out troops. Great Work Lucca you are a true inspiration and a REAL AMERICAN HERO !!

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