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Dispatches from Helsinki: Hero Dog Amputee Reunites With First Handler

There’s nothing like a reunion, especially with a military dog who saved your life – and the lives of many others – on numerous occasions during dangerous deployments. After too many months apart, you wonder if the dog will even recognize you, much less be happy to see you. Last week, Marine Gunnery Sgt. Chris… Continue Reading

How One Marine Saved Dozens of Dogs and Troops

Doesn’t the name “Captain Brandon Bowe” sound like some kind of American superhero? In a way, he really is. A recent feat this Marine accomplished will have far-reaching effects that could end up saving the lives of dozens of dogs, handlers, and anyone involved in today’s military missions. If you read my book Soldier Dogs,… Continue Reading

This Military Dog Knows Where it Hurts (OUCH)

When you see a photo like this, you cringe first, ask questions later. So that’s what I did. When Marine combat correspondent and photojournalist Cpl. Aaron Diamont sent me this photo, I winced for the poor Marine who’s being chomped on by military working dog Bernie, at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz. Then… Continue Reading

Marine Dog Handler’s Wedding Gift Registry: A Ghostly Reminder of Memorial Day’s Oft-Forgotten Heroes

The items on the Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding gift registry of Brittany Dygert and U.S. Marine Corps military working dog handler Corporal Keaton Coffey are those of an optimistic young couple launching their new, happy life together. The gifts are simple, functional, and basic. You could almost picture the couple’s future home life together… Continue Reading

Check Out This Terrific Trailer for “Glory Hounds”

Glory Hounds from ten100 on Vimeo. Animal Planet is putting together a new series that follows three military dog teams. It’s called Glory Hounds, and from the trailer, it looks like it really captures the essence of the military working dog world. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing it. /9I’ve heard it will air either… Continue Reading

10 fascinating, sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes funny things you may not know about military dogs

  Until the now-famous Navy SEAL Team Six raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year, most people had no idea that dogs are a vital part of the military. But these four-legged heroes have saved tens of thousands of lives since World War II, when the U.S. embarked on its military working dog program.… Continue Reading

Why Does This Air Force Staff Sergeant Have an Ammo Can on a Leash?

Students enrolled in the Handler Course at Lackland Air Force Base have paid their dues typically for months, but sometimes years, helping around kennels at their bases, cleaning poop, working the dogs, assisting handlers with their duties, and generally proving to their field commanders and kennel masters that they are devoted. But little can prepare… Continue Reading

Military Dogs Will No Longer Be Considered “Equipment” if Bill Passes

Legislation introduced this week would finally take U.S. military working dogs (MWDs) out of the category of “equipment” and make them bonafide “Canine Members of the Armed Forces.” If it passes, these loyal four-legged heroes who risk their lives for the safety of our troops would at last be officially recognized as the intrepid warriors… Continue Reading