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Navy SEAL Book Reveals New Information About Hero Dog in Bin Laden Raid

Your challenge: Find the dog! (Illustration from No Easy Day)

For anyone wondering if the brand-new book No Easy Day reveals much about the military dog who accompanied the SEALs on the Bin Laden raid, the answer is this: Although Cairo gets very little ink in the book, we do learn more about what he did. My publisher, Dutton (Penguin), launched this highly controversial book today, and I was able to get a copy (one of 550,000 copies in the first print run!) and pore through it for the crux of the exciting tale, and any info on the dog.

According to the book, Cairo was part of the small team that patrolled outside the compound for fighters running out to engage the Americans or wearing suicide bombs to protect their leader. (They’re known as “squirters.”) Cairo would be used to track down these squirters. The book calls him a Combat Assault Dog, but that’s not a designation anyone I’ve talked to has ever heard of. Sounds like a Combat Tracker Dog with patrol skills. (The umbrella “job” of Multi-Purpose Canine, used only in SpecOps, contains subspecialties that are on an as-need mission basis.)

There have been so many reports claiming as fact that Cairo led the way into the Bin Laden compound. My book, Soldier Dogs, left it all open. I’m glad to finally have some insight into what the dog that helped launch my book really did that day. We still don’t even know if Cairo is his real name, since all names in this book were changed. Maybe the authors forgot about the dog…

The illustration here shows a tiny little dog in the lower right corner, next to two human figures. They’re the assault specialists, and he’s the hero dog who never had to put his teeth into his job that night. I wonder what he’s up to these days?

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